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What I Work With


Depression usually comes from feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. I will help you explore the source of these feelings, find the needs behind them, and change them with feelings of hope, assertiveness, and strength. This process will help you gain new vitality and happiness in your everyday life. 

Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety and stress usually come from feeling worried and overwhelmed and feeling unsafe and unsupported in your everyday life. For some people, they might be the aftermath of traumatic experiences. I will help you explore the causes of these feelings, figure out what your needs are, and build new ways of satisfying those needs (e.g. finding inner safety or getting the support of others). In this way, you will feel more equipped to deal with whatever life throws at you, safer and calmer in your daily life.

Relationship Issues

People have relationship issues for all kinds of different reasons, and each person's story is different. However, not being in touch with our feelings, and not being able to express our emotions and needs in relationships is one common issue that many people face. I will help you look at your emotional patterns in relationships and process the blocks that stay in the way of you getting your needs met (attachment and individuality).


For other presenting issues, please contact me directly. 


My Approach

My Approach

I am using an integrative approach, which means that I tailor my skills and techniques depending on what you want to get from therapy and what I think would benefit you more in each given moment. So, in working together, we might need to process blocks that keep you stuck in depression or anxiety, we might need to work through complicated attachment issues that come from childhood trauma, or to find practical solutions to issues that cause you stress.

My training in person-centred counselling is at the essence of my approach at all times, which means that I offer empathy, congruence and unconditional-positive regard. On top of this, I use emotion-focused skills to process stuck emotions, and my complex trauma training to help my clients heal past wounds.


I also use psychodynamic therapy to explore how past experiences and relationships might influence my clients’ current situations and patterns. I draw from cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) when needed, for example, to help my clients who suffer from addictions or who just want to build a less stressful lifestyle. I don’t believe in one size fits all, so I will adapt to each and every client’s individual needs.

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